5 Tips for Building Successful Relationships

MultiLing’s investor, Frontier Capital, believes that any business investment should begin with a solid and trusting relationship between the two parties.

Getting to that point – a “true partnership” – takes some hard work and time. Money isn’t just going to change hands; instead, there will potentially be years of working together on strategy and business development to help your companies succeed.

MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon agrees with the need to get to know each other first, especially when millions of dollars are changing hands.

Michael Sneddon, CEO of MultiLing Corp.“Whether your company is providing or accepting an investment or paying for services, you’ll want to know what each party brings to the table so you’ll feel comfortable that you can work together to make the right decisions for both companies and resolve any issues that may emerge along the way,” Sneddon said. “Over the last couple of years, our relationship with Frontier has become a true partnership, with valuable give-and-take from both companies as we work to expand our IP translation services across the globe.”

ceologoFrontier partner Michael Ramich shared five tips on how to establish a successful business relationship in an article on CEO.com and used MultiLing as an example of a connection that was established long before any transaction took place. You can read the full article here.