MultiLing in the News: Best in Translation – Speed Up IP Protection While Reducing Risks

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 4.27.18 PMMichael Degn, vice president of global sales at MultiLing, highlights how an IP translation services provider can competitively provide patent filing services for inventors and enterprises seeking patent protection around the world. The IPPro Life Sciences article titled “Best in Translation” uses the example of a small pharma company that worked with a patent law firm to seek patent validation in 10 European countries. The initial quote from a foreign agent was significantly higher than the patentee felt comfortable investing.

Enter MultiLing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 8.25.06 PMAn effective IP translation service provider can leverage its resources and best practices in more jurisdictions than possible with one foreign agent, in part enabling patent rights in more geographic cases for the same cost, or significantly less.

Some of the best practices that life sciences companies should look for in a service provider include MultiLing’s core advantages of people, process and technology. These pillars ensure quality translations that help increase the number of patent filings within your budget, speed time to grant and reduce office actions and the risk of invalidation

The pharma company went on to engage with MultiLing instead of a foreign agent and was able to validate its patent in 15 European countries, five more than originally planned. The validation process was also more consistent across all jurisdictions, less costly and faster.

Read the full article at the MultiLing news room.

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