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Is it Wise to Save Money on Translation?

In today’s video statement, Franz Kolb, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, speaks about cautions against cutting corners on translation services. This statement was recorded during MultiLing’s International Business Roundtable held August 7, 2012 in Utah. To see the video on youtube, just click on the screenshot.

IP Watchdog: Five Pillars of Success for IP Translations is an Internet magazine focusing on the business, policy and substance of patents and other forms of intellectual property. In its current issue, MultiLing COO Lyle Ball gives an insight into the practice of state of the art patent translations. “Translating patents isn’t like translating press releases or whitepapers. These materials can be reworded, […]

MultiLing among Utah’s Fastest Growing Companies

We are proud to announce that MultiLing is listed among the 100 fasting growing companies in Utah. This annual ranking is sponsored by the MountainWest Capital Network, a nonprofit group that aims to help Utah businesses prosper. During the 18th MWCN Utah 100 Awards Program on October 9th, Jason Watson, MWCN president said: “Utah is […]

TV Interview with MultiLing COO Lyle Ball

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce interviewed MultiLing COO Lyle Ball this month for its “Taking Care of Business” segment on Provo Channel 17. Lyle speaks about MultiLing’s growing success in the field of patent translation, international offices and more. Please click on the screenshot to open the video.

MultiLing Experts Give Globalization Tips on

In its online version, USA’s leading business magazine FORBES has recently featured MultiLing. Cheryl Conner is a regular contributor to and takes a look at pro’s and cons regarding business expansion to other parts of the world. “Ready to Go Global? Six Tips To Help You Decide” gives practical advice on basic business principles such as localization and chosing the right translation partner. “The potential is high”, Cheryl points out in her article and she continues: “Are you really ready for an international business? Only you can decide. But if executed properly, many businesses have successfully increased their business by 60%—or more—within the space of just 3-4 years.”

Read the whole story on

Local Media Covers MultiLing Expansion

What an impressive success story: From just a handful of people in the late 80s, MultiLing today employs 90 people at its headquarters in Provo and another 120 translators worldwide. In addition, it contracts with another 1,000 translators and linguists globally who help translate documents for multinational corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Dell and […]

Reality Check: Machine vs. Human Translation

In a recent article in tcworld, a leading magazine for international information management, MultiLing’s VP Marketing Emmanuel Margetic compares machine and human translation approaches. “Even though machine translation (or MT) continues to advance and can be helpful to get the gist of a document, human translation is still a critical component, particularly for translations of […]

Video Edit: “Centralized Translation is Key to Successful IP”

In April we were reporting about Michael Sneddon’s presentation during the 2012 Global IP Exchange Conference (IQPC) in Munich. “Centralized translation is a primary key to successfully addressing the increased processing rate of national and international patent applications” was one of his key messages during a one-hour presentation. Michael partnered with Hirohito Katsunuma, president of […]

Trading Up: MultiLing Among Other Utah Companies is Set for Relocation

Utah Business Magazine – the Magazine for Decision makers recently featured MultiLing’s relocation plans for their headquarters in Provo. “Two full floors of space will be available to MultiLing once it finishes moving to its new location. The current offices provide a single floor, and continued growth caused the company to simply run out of […]

“The Door is Wide Open for Industrial Espionage”

We found this very interesting article about the emerging Chinese technology market and why language barriers between Asia end Europe and a lack of IP monitoring can result in severe patent infringements. “The door is wide open for industrial espionage” German construction & engineering magazine ke NEXT spoke to Dr. Alexander Wurzer of Wurzer & […]