IP Law Firms Offer Big-Client Benefits with Streamlined Translation

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 4.27.18 PMMultiLing’s Michael Degn examines how Brinks Gilson & Lione leveraged best practices in patent translation services to save a pharmaceutical client money, while increasing its scope of patent protection. The case study is published in the latest issue of IPPro Life Sciences (pg. 14).

Brinks worked with a small pharmaceutical client to successfully obtain European patent rights. The patent just needed to be validated in each country where the company wanted its rights preserved. The client initially felt it could afford to validate the patent in 10 countries (a handful of which required translation), but the initial quote from a foreign agent was significantly higher than the patentee believed it should invest. The client was concerned it would need to cut back on the number of countries in which it was seeking validation, consequently forgoing IP protection in those countries.

See the infographic below for how MultiLing successfully helped Brinks’ client stretch their budget for high quality IP translations in more jurisdictions than even originally planned.

Brinks case study infographic final