MultiLing in the News: Unique Challenges of Protecting IP in Japan

ipfrontlinelogoTwo more publications recently included articles about the unique challenges of protecting intellectual property in Japan. IP Frontline used a column bylined by Adam Bigelow, MultiLing’s regional director for Asia, “5 Roles Translation Plays in Filing a Patent in Japan,” as well as an infographic on Japanese patent translation. This was the lead article when it appeared. Read the entire article in the MultiLing news room or at IPFrontline

B2C_LogoAdditionally, Michael Sneddon, MultiLing founder and CEO, published an article on the same topic at Business2Community: “Unique Challenges of Protecting Intellectual Property in Japan: An Interview with MultiLing’s Adam Bigelow.” As the resident expert for MultiLing in Asia, Adam answered some of Michael’s questions about how to avoid obstacles in translating and filing patents for protection in Japan. The complete article can be read at the Business2Community site or from the MultiLing news room.

Over the last few years, patent filings in northeast Asia – specifically China, Japan and South Korea – have grown significantly – and it doesn’t look like a decrease is in sight. In fact, this growth has contributed to the strongest rate of global intellectual property growth in nearly two decades, according to the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2013. Japan currently ranks second in the world in patent applications received (342,796).

It’s no surprise then that MultiLing is seeing increased demand for IP translation services across Asia. While these articles focus on Japan, watch for future stories that will highlight unique aspects of translation and filing in China and South Korea. Be sure to share your comments online, as well as the information in the articles with your social networks!