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4 Fundamental Technologies for Foreign Patent Filing

The strength of an international patent application, in part, relies on the quality of the patent translation services, and universal translation technology is significantly aiding human translations for more efficient foreign patent filing. While some form of technology has been used for translations since the 1940s – beginning with electronic files rather than paper documents – there are four major […]

MultiLing in the News: Managing Risk in Foreign Patent Filings

The world’s largest multinational enterprises file thousands of foreign patents every year to protect their intellectual property. However, as many general counsel know well, even the successful filing and issuance of a patent doesn’t ensure the safety of a company’s intellectual property.  Michael Sneddon, MultiLing founder and CEO, and Suart Hinckley, MultiLing general counsel, co-authored […]

In the News: Save Your Money: Reduce IP Litigation Risk

The ACC Docket, the magazine of the Association of Corporate Counsel, published an article in its May issue with tips on reducing litigation risk, which can cost an enterprise $2.5 million on average, along with a shortened invention life and decreased overall market share. According to authors Stuart W. Hinckley, MultiLing’s general counsel, and H. Disckson Burton, the intellectual property […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Protecting Intellectual Property

Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that all foreign patent filings have in common? The answer is translation. Best practices in the translation process can have a major effect on the overall patent filing and prosecution process. The right people, process and technology in IP services will protect your IP and […]

Intellectual Property News Roundup

A summary of IP and patent news around the world. New Features On EPO Global Patent Index Global patent index now includes searchable legal status to help determine if a patent application been withdrawn or rejected, and if granted patents are still valid, expired, lapsed or revoked? It currently consists of the frontfile data provided by more than […]

Big Blue Still Most Innovative

Looking at the 15 companies to receive the largest number of utility patents in 2013 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reflects the same trend seen in patent filing throughout the world – growth of IP in Asia. Less than half of the companies in the top 15 are U.S. corporations. One-third […]

How To Plan and Stretch an IP Budget

Inside Counsel recently interviewed Todd Rapier, executive vice president of worldwide sales at MultiLing, for information on how to stretch an IP budget. Building, protecting and monetizing intellectual property is essential in the global economy. But companies are being forced to rethink how they view their intellectual property due to new rules in the America Invents […]

MultiLing Sponsors IP Service World

Today and tomorrow, more than 300 delegates from 50+ countries are gathering in Munich – the IP epicenter of Europe – for the IP Service World 4th International Congress & Trade Fair to exchange practical knowledge and find support solutions for their IP businesses. Within the two days, attendees have the opportunity to gain a […]

MultiLing Leaders in the News

Have you noticed MultiLing in the media lately? In addition to articles in Risk Management Magazine and MultiLingual Magazine, Intellectual Property Magazine has recently published two articles bylined by MultiLing COO Lyle Ball. In the September issue, Lyle identified how one mistranslated word in a patent application can result in millions of dollars in lost […]

Come See MultiLing at IPO 2013

Heading to the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) annual meeting next week in Boston? Or do you work in Boston as a patent attorney or corporate counsel tasked with securing international patents for your enterprise? In either case, come visit MultiLing on the third floor of the Sheraton Boston Hotel to hear about the unique centralized model used […]