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Client Relationships Built to Last

Creating successful relationships with clients, relationships that keep them as clients for the long haul, is the basis of a successful company – no matter its size. Keeping clients happy isn’t always easy, but it’s very possible. At MultiLing, for example, many of our clients are now true partners—they learn from us and we learn from […]

Come Join Our Team

One of our main goals in 2014 is to invest in the best people, processes and technologies. To date, we have moved forward with announcements of key hires in technology, sales and financial operations, as well as investments in our physical resources with a more than 270 percent increase in office space in Asia. As the number […]

MultiLing in the News: Legal Translations in Latin America

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) blog recently published an article by MultiLing’s director of business development in Latin America, Evelyn Paredes. In her article, “The Unique Challenges of Legal Translation in Latin America,” Paredes describes the growth of Pacific Alliance countries – Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico – and how an elimination in tariffs is simplifying […]

What Makes Japanese Patent Translation So Difficult?

Did you realize that the Japanese language has four different alphabets, or sets of writing symbols? They are hiragana, katakana, kanji, as well as romaji, which is simply the Latin alphabet used for phonetic spelling of Japanese words. No wonder companies report that Japanese patent translations have one of the highest error rates, according to a study by the Steinbeis Transfer […]

MultiLing Invests in Growth with New Sales and Marketing Leaders

MultiLing today announced the appointment of four key sales and marketing professionals to help grow the company’s IP services for Global 500 legal teams. View the press release here. Randy Scott has been named MultiLing’s vice president of marketing, while Michael Degn, Barbara Vellone and Matt Goldberg are in sales positions new to the company. Degn […]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from all your friends at MultiLing! Enjoy a little Christmas fun with these patents that may help your holiday celebrations be more innovative, or at least somewhat unique. US20130021788A1 [EN] Personal Energy Christmas Ornaments [EN] A method is disclosed for personalizing a Christmas ornament by associating the ornament with a store of energy harvested […]

Tyler Young Sees ‘Pathway to Success’ for MultiLing

Tyler Young is a senior project manager, patents, at MultiLing and originally started with the company in 2008. Read Tyler’s responses to our 25th anniversary questionnaire below: How long have you been with the company? I’ve worked for MultiLing from 2008 until 2011, and returned in early 2013. What is your oldest memory of the company? [...]

Peter Fischer Sees Success in “Happy Clients Who Value Our Service”

Peter Fischer has been with MultiLing just over a year. In October 2012, he was pleased to join a company in his specialty field of intellectual property and was hired as the director of business development for Europe. Peter works from MultiLing’s office in Starnberg, Germany, and is enjoying seeing the business “take off” with […]

Happy Hangul Day!

If there were ever a World Linguists’ Day, you could make a great argument that it would be Hangul Day, observed on Oct. 9 each year in South Korea. Today is Hangul Proclamation Day or Korean Alphabet Day, the day when Koreans commemorate and celebrate the publication of the Korean national alphabet by King Sejong […]