Legal Document Translation Services

Why Multinational Enterprises Need Legal Document Translation Services

All enterprises rely upon their innovations, the new products and processes that set them apart from all their competitors. To safeguard those products and processes, however, enterprises require the services of experienced legal document translation services.

With the growth of the global marketplace, it’s inevitable that an enterprise’s product or process will require international legal protections. And as businesses expand from one jurisdiction to the next, spreading their vital technologies and formulas, they also encounter increasingly savvy efforts to steal their intellectual property (IP).

Enterprises can’t thrive when their innovations are at risk. To make expansion and growth profitable, these enterprises want predictability and security. The challenge lies in the time and cost invested in procuring legal protections for innovations. Translating and filing international patents can be both a complex and expensive undertaking.

But it doesn’t have to be.

How MultiLing Perfects Legal Translation Practices

With the increasing demand for legal document translation, many enterprises have come to depend on in-country law firms to farm out their patent translation work. Unfortunately, this practice turns burdensome since there is usually no coordination between these patent translation providers and each one has to be managed individually. Such translation services can become time-consuming and can also carry with them an increased risk of errors.

MultiLing offers a truly unique model that has won the trust of several Fortune 500 enterprises, all with extensive patent portfolios. MultiLing appeals to these financial giants because our legal translation services utilize the most efficient methods, enabling them to file patents in twice as many jurisdictions without having to increase their translation spend.

Elements of MultiLing’s successful model include:

·         Streamlining. Our process provides one point of contact for all your translation needs. Whether you’re handling one patent or thousands, you can easily check on the status of your project through your MultiLing project manager or via our customized client checklist.

·         Expert teams. Our translation teams include translators with stellar language skills, but who also possess advanced degrees in several technical fields. That way, every hand that handles your project also benefits from an intimate knowledge of your industry and can apply that knowledge to improving the language and precision of your translated legal documents.

·         Advanced translation technology. Using our own, in-house-developed software, MultiLing can leverage past translations so that all our legal documents translation teams can benefit from the findings and successes of other teams.

·         Quality control. MultiLing adheres to a wide variety of national and international translation standards. We go above and beyond their standards because we pride ourselves on reducing errors and producing precise, accurate legal document translations while also improving turnaround time.

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MultiLing’s uniquely centralized model serves many of the world’s leading patent-filers. Our legal document translation services, corporate patent translation, and foreign language translation services, have established us as the leading international patent company. Discover more by requesting a free bid today.